Reijo Ojutkangas, MD

Founding Doctor

Dr. Reijo Ojutkangas was instrumental in pioneering PAN-Therapy (Psychotropic Analgesic Nitrous Oxide) in the European continent. He is co-founder of Air4Life LLC in North America. In his 25 years of practicing this method, he has proven the safety and effectiveness of PAN-Therapy for the detoxification and reversal of alcohol overuse syndrome.

Words from Dr. Ojutkangas: “With the correct dosage, N2O normalizes the dopamine levels in the body by interacting with the pleasure giving receptors. This in turn diminishes, and often eliminates, the withdrawal symptoms, which is an essential step in the road to recovery.”

Since 1980 in South Africa, PAN withdrawal treatment was extended to an out-patient setting and has proved useful in treating other addictive states, including nicotine, cocaine, cannabis addiction, and even heroin. Because of the overall positive results of PAN-Therapy, it was accepted as a standard therapy for substance abuse withdrawal states and became part of South Africa’s nationalized healthcare system in 1987.

The out-patient PAN-Therapy has been available in South Africa, Scandinavia, and Switzerland, since 1987, where tens of thousands of people have been given a new lease on life.