Unlike in other clinical settings, I sensed that the staff genuinely cared about me as an individual, and they were extremely accommodating when it came to working around my schedule. This treatment is not a “magic bullet,” but has helped me get my addiction under control. I am now much healthier and more productive.

Female, 38
San Antonio, TX

I am a 31 year old and before Air4Life recovery, I had been an alcoholic. I would use alcohol every night to sleep, on average consuming 8-12 alcoholic beverages a night. This started to have a negative impact on my health and I tried to quit but had severe withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, I heard commercials about Air4Life recovery’s PAN-Therapy. I met the staff and decided to begin treatment. The P.A. and nurse were very knowledgeable and professional making the experience easier and more comfortable than expected. Since my first treatment, I have been completely alcohol free and also, as a bonus, I kicked my cigarette habit. During the process, I did not have any withdrawal symptoms. I was instructed on vitamin supplements which also helped with my recovery. I could not be happier with the way the treatment went as well as the amazing results. I highly recommend Air4Life recovery!

Male, 31
San Antonio, TX

The nitrous oxide treatment at Air4Life has aided in my recovery greatly. I no longer have urges/cravings to drink alcohol or use drugs after the treatment. I came out very clear minded, and still am several weeks later. Additionally, the caring staff is fantastic.

Male, 44
San Antonio, TX

Alcohol has always been a “normal” part of my life. I was functioning but waking up with headaches and my blood pressure was high. When I heard about PAN-Therapy, I realized I should stop drinking. Since the treatment, my mood has elevated and I have no desire to drink.

Female, 63
San Antonio, TX

As a business man, my heavy travel schedule and constant client entertainment obligations caused my alcohol usage to increase. After Air4Life therapy all the cravings for drinking have disappeared while I still keep entertaining clients as usual.

Male, 42
Houston, TX

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