The proven Air4Life method is a treatment aimed at detoxification of a client suffering from the effects of the excessive use of alcohol.

The treatment is carried out by administering nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to the client with the proven Air4Life recovery method. The method includes constant supervision by a trained healthcare provider. It is a safe and effective series of three 60-minute treatments. From a client’s point of view, it is a positive and invigorating experience during which the client remains awake and alert.

Air4Life recovery’s method has been developed and successfully administered to over 26,000 patients by our co-founder Reijo Ojutkangas, MD. and has been successfully administered to over 100,000 patients across the world. Air4Life recovery’s method is based on extensive research of Psychotropic Analgesic Nitrous Oxide (PAN) and can be used as a safer alternative to Benzodiazepines or other traditional chemical methods of treating withdrawal symptoms. The gas therapy reduces the use of highly addictive sedative medications (like Benzodiazepines and barbiturates) by over 90%.

Experienced Personnel

Our healthcare providers have specialized training in nitrous oxide treatment.

Safe, Fast and Effective

With over 100,000 treatments, our method is proven to be safe and effective.

Private & Convenient

We provide the treatment in your own home or other designated place of your choosing. Contact information.